Mighty Purse was established in 2013 by Ana Slavka. With a career in fashion, combined with a knack for aligning practical and fashion, Ana identified a real need in market for charging your phone on the go. Always finding her phone battery dying at the most inopportune times, knowing other women feel the same frustration, she decided to solve the issue by creating the solution herself.

Since its launch, Mighty Purse has captured the attention of women world-wide, delivering designer products with a function. A notion of understated style, with a luxury feel at an attainable price.

Mighty Purse offers a collection of designer clutches and bags that charge your phone on the go, thus eliminates the anxiety of being left powerless, no matter where you are. Available in a selection of genuine leather and faux leather styles, different textures and colours, Mighty Purses are fully lined with multiple compartments and a concealed slim line battery to charge your smartphone on the go. Compatible with both Android and iPhone.
"The Mighty Purse woman is timeless. Her style is not dictated by season or trends. She is confident and ambitious. She is effortlessly elegant, yet sexy. The power is in her hands, literally."